Make sex more does more exciting 3 rare tricks

How the

for your life add oil, it may be a lot of people are thinking about a problem. Come here to see this article netizens also want the first time to solve the puzzle of this sex . Don’t worry, small make up has been prepared for you, learn about it!

always provoke sex emotions

in the good relationship between couples, to speak of sporadic desire basic no copulation, even if their eyes no stimulation, also can at any time comparison.

Step 1:

praise him. In general. When both sides of male and female compliment and joy, of the a thing that sex will be more keen. Expression of more specific, more can show your assessment is sincere.

step two: manufacturing fervently desired atmosphere. If the evening program has sexual intercourse, but in the morning when dressing, try showing the desire to take off its that kind of consciousness.

when moving, to help him straighten the tie and slowly pull the pants zipper. Ask him to bring the bra clasp well for you, leave you back in their hands before, let a hair hanging on it.

try to

the new types of sex

one day, suddenly feel the immutable and frozen sex is extremely boring, how to do? If you dare to try, you certainly can get unexpected harvest.

step 1: for some research, take the time to develop a enlightening sex menu, may refer to the related books.

step two: somewhere in the night the meal list with go to bed, then reads together with the husband, the selection and try new sexual techniques. Remember to maintain a flexible mind and put the book on the side.

plans to two sex journey

most people like election in the country of the most crazy thing, it will once again make sex becomes particularly.

step 1: together with the husband to sit down and plan a you had never tried and most can provoke sexual journey, perhaps just making fun, make you both have intimate feeling as lovers.

Step two: select the

in the journey of a table, and re presented in the intimacy that night, or to give him a surprise. The most important is the element of surprise to the husband to enjoy this journey.

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