Make sex more passion 3 using voice method

            Swedish scientist had pointed out that the sex and voice are inseparable, and promote each other. The eyes are the windows of the soul, the ear is the conduction device feelings. During sex, auditory plays an indispensable role. How to correctly use during sex that sound? We can start from the following three aspects.

          a groan, stimulation. Sexologist herent · cutcheon Du Dorian pointed out: "long to mechanical way to stimulate a spouse, will eventually have no effect." A husband and wife of each love is a new exploration to the other party. For many male , in life , the woman of the shortness of breath and groans, is a great encouragement to him. The female , male shortness of breath sound will let the woman Rouqingsishui, intoxicated.

            two, words expressing feelings. A psychologist once wrote: nothing is more beautiful than the face of the beautiful scenery in the world, and no more than his voice more sweet voice. Before and after sex, the two sides whispers said some words, admire her figure, sure of his ability, can play the role of the unexpected.

            three, music help. Studies have shown that different voices can through auditory influence a person’s state of mind and desire, a lot of melody and strong sense of music can have a positive effect on the sex. Zhang Sheng to Qin Mu Yingying, Sima Xiangru with "Phoenix beg feng4huang2" tease Zhuo Wenjun, are successfully applied to the proof of love music. A recent French study shows, listen to songs, especially when young love to hear during those songs, to provoke people’s sexual impulse. For women, the melodious light music is very good sex accompaniment, while men like >

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