Male G-spot detonated high sexual desire; inspire


detonatedMost of the

in male body are still not understand, few women really touch the male G-spot, it is mysterious zone detonated men’s body warm. The perineum is male recessive of testicular , between the anus and scrotum, two hidden in the body of the vessel, the indirect motive male erection. To touch the place, easily can let him be triggered at any moment. Touch the perineum can not only help him to high tide, but also a very good entertainment means.

most men all hope in the passion of the moment, the woman to his hands clutching his hips. Hold the man’s buttocks, hand can make the man more deeply, the hand can let the man feel the woman want angle. You may wish to try a little more deeply, not only with her hands tightly gripped his hips, also can let the hands wandering free in his hips, and feet lightly on his back or waist, believe everything he will thank you did for him.

my ears whisper

ear of stimulation were the most wonderful experience. In the dim light of a candle, ear whisper most lets the human mind swaying, Zuiwo arms. You can play with his ear gently with your fingers, and then gently put up your mouth, gently blowing, this stimulus will provoke his body desire.


medial thigh

many men hope here to receive attention, kiss, lick, bite so that they are ecstasy. The most medial thigh smooth on man body, is the most suitable for a woman’s hand to tease the. You can through his pants with his fingers, caressing, tickling massage, gently squeeze a few very good. If the head buried in his thigh, more let him itching. In addition, you can use your nakedness fluffy place, after gently sweep in his thigh, which is a mixture of fantasy and indescribable feeling.

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