Male penis size using different trick

sex itself is simple cannot again simple, unfortunately, sometimes the effect is not just as one wishes. If you want to eliminate the anxiety and share the most wonderful feeling with your partner, you must learn to make full use of its own conditions. In fact, the sizes and shapes of different

in penile girth

erection penile girth measurement method: after the penis erects adequately, with the tape or other, in glans coronary sulcus after the actual perimeter one centimeter circumference is the penis.

circumference greater than 13 cm

we’ve all heard both sides of male and female life is disharmony. One of the questions is " in male penis thick and " too narrow by vagina. This situation can lead to female sexual pain. Therefore, at the beginning of sexual intercourse before, should spend more time for foreplay. In this way, your partner can fully arouse sexual excitement, make vaginal further expansion. Then, she slowly guide you to enter, you can use saliva or lubricant to reduce friction.

circumference of less than 13 cm

if you feel their partner’s vagina is not tight enough, the following methods may be able to help you: let her with knees together posture, make vaginal stretched as far as possible not expansion. You can also let her lying in bed, legs curled her labia together in the chest position — it can, thus increasing the degree of friction and pleasure.

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