Massage techniques make it easy for her to enjoy sexual peak

let the woman acquired sex peak.


first you will be placed in the palm Y above the lip, finger toward your butt, to your navel rubbing, alternating hands massage. Then use your fingers to explore the internal and external Y lips, gently pull to one side, then pull the other side. Finally, gently with your fingers and thumbs rubbing her Y lips and inner Y lip. You can also put fingers into her Y, the thumbs – up stick Y pedicle, using various techniques to stimulate her.


when you find the sensitive zone of the woman, she will be eager to be licking and touch, then you can go around it activities, try not to touch the sensitive point, occasionally met one or two times, so try to drag after orgasm, once she climax, there will be a stronger climax.

Once again

you can gently put a finger into her Y households, when she was ready, and then insert another finger. Use your thumb against her anus, careful not to insert in, but your side activities in Y households in the fingers, the side with the thumb pressed on the place.


you can put your palm on the growth of Y at her hair, fingers gently put in the Y above the lip, the thumb are respectively arranged on her thigh, and then hands gently in her Y hair place do circular motion. Pay attention to your hand and don’t do too much contact with her skin, and movement in the Y hair, repeat this action ten times. At this time, finger tapping her Y lips ten times, to a rate of one per second. Then repeat the previous circular motion and pat action.

is so down, this kind of action that will let you try to stop but cannot her, may wish to try the


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