Masturbation makes a hymen break

you ever really had boys and get along with sexual experience, in feel the need time to masturbation is the way to "enjoy"? But you often doubt yourself or the so-called virginity, and worry about masturbation can make hymen, after all, do you believe the male student or still clung to the "virgin plot".

fact, sexual behavior of general people alone, always considered harmful to worry about, how many total holding private discomfort or fear of psychological, and the fear to the majority of women, hand vice and moral sense of mischief. In fact, I should conclude that masturbation is absolutely harmless! It not only enables the individual to obtain one hundred percent pleasure, can make you personally to explore space and atmosphere of their expected. We therefore for you to enjoy a pleasant way deeply agree!

as for masturbation cause hymen, as long as not use sundries insert vaginal , will not cause a rupture. But in "masturbation absolutely harmless" statement before, still must emphasize don’t to do not clean finger to touch the important parts, or inserted into the vagina to slender means such as vegetables or debris, not only clean, but also prone to danger, must avoid is not to mention. In fact, everyone’s curtain empty face "masturbation" this thing. Can also directly point to say, masturbation, each of which is accompanied by a person’s life, even if married, sex life existence, masturbation is not so disappear. "Masturbation" will cause physical fatigue or organ deformation, discoloration, Frigidity?

Q: Although I have happy sexual life, but often with masturbation ways of experiencing the "sex", doing so will not respect him? And I heard that masturbation can cause body fatigue or sexual organ deformation, discoloration, frigidity and other harm, is this true?

A: male and female sex organs but is feeling the receiver only, they feel things, just as you use your fingertips feel things, we use "she" to feel, to enjoy in your, is you personally to explore the body, the soul of the step, this one process appears simple, it is always awkward knot, especially we went through various age and culture, such problems as a prison tough rope, clutched our neck, want to say weak feeling. Do respect him? Don’t shackles in the moral guilt, the pursuit of "

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