Men after ejaculation how to touch a woman

ejaculation after up, then pick up the wife herself sitting cross legged on the let his wife lying in his leg, such as flat zither like; this stretch posture, the sensitivity of the most women easy to feel the clitoral stimulation, then again as long as gently with both hands, one hand holding down the clitoris front-end skin pull forward make the clitoris to, a hand gently on the lubricating liquid friction clitoris as circular periphery touching, not from one to two minutes, the wife will achieve the intense physical pleasure clit (caressing antecedent local wet, might need toilet paper local wipe, so as to facilitate the).

when his wife in his arms dramatically drive groan, distorted body, even reaching to hinder you to caress the clitoris high tide, has been reached, then the wife has reached the maximum satisfaction, can’t bear any stimulation.

at this time his wife soul satisfaction reaches a high point, but not the end, if the perfect sex process compared to the one hundred good, if in the clitoral orgasm just after turning down big sleep, which at best only fifty-nine points, this is what mean ­ this means though failed, but can take, but still fail, why ­ love not fighting, the entire process with love and pity thick mood is very important, task end sleep, this is the love when in combat, but his wife is also likely to have been as Xieyu tools feeling, so it is a fly in the ointment.

The G-spot orgasm belongs to

more psychological level, clitoral orgasm more flesh, sex is a matter of the body and mind to meet, are indispensable; if only the G-spot, physical satisfaction is not strong, may have sex just reached a climax Monday, Wednesday will produce sexual needs. in male sexual capacity from thirty years old and reached its peak, then all the way down to the Lord to be picked, and women >

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