Men and women are most afraid of what married life process

, a fear of suspicion, provoke the scourge of

Liu Jun is the operations director for a company, young and handsome, engage in public relations methodical, strong ability, often sent him on a business trip, which made his wife rather worry, fear of a face handsome he outside the other woman seduced to. So, the wife has taken the following active prevention "measures" against him: on the one hand, when Liu to travel before the trip is always active, love, its meaning is the expression of a true love, love bound Liu Jun; two is to put Liu Jun "feed" before going out, in case he wan heart blood cramps behavior of ?

once, because of Miss Liu Jun return trips have been midnight, the days of traveling is too tired, wash to sleep and rest. His wife also fulfilled her love inspection procedures, Liu Jun accidentally swept his wife’s interest, he exerted himself to barely make love, obviously, lack of energy, leading to the final failure. Liu wife displeasure, long hidden in the heart of the suspicion immediately become jealousy, gushing hair. His wife didn’t considerate, even began to doubt whether he was having an affair, think their hard to run around outside is not for this home, Liu Jun suddenly fly into a rage. For a moment, two people you come to me to, debate, so a big fight.

later, two people fell into the cold war, for a long time are relatively cold, warm family all gone, Liu Jun or to the poor, but everything changed, marriage mansion soon be placed in jeopardy.

comment: as a wife, should trust your husband, believe her husband’s sexual morality. This is also a concrete manifestation of self-confidence. If the husband’s behavior suspicion, it will only generate unwarranted stimulus and damage to the heart, thus caused the estrangement between husband and wife. Moreover, each other trust between husband and wife is a minimum requirement for laying of marriage, is the foundation of love. The foundation if shaken, everything becomes meaningless, marriage also will face disintegration.

two: fear of joke had head

a Yan girl character cheerful, like to make fun of. Wedding night, she went to bed and groom Axiang undress, eyes closed, face flushing, go to meet the very souls lost soul happy moment, did not want to >

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