Men can not resist the charming flirt

development of flirting self, learning how to flirt also helps to develop self, overcome timid personality, can enjoy the intimate relationship. On the face of it, a brave developmental self woman sexy, lively, can feel just like a fish in water in both sexes interaction. But the retreat, the first step of flirting, for men, intimate contact body tends to be higher than in the psychological understanding "needed" more can enhance his sense of security. So, partner flirting in a timely manner, absolutely make romance bloom is not the same spark.

      flirting can bring the positive influence to the affection, can not only seize the lover’s attention, increase the intimacy between you, let your partner know how not only he needs you, you also long for his enthusiasm. In front of the man the woman never personally to open the bottle opener, also do not meddle in the garage and other heavy work, although some women independent life ability is not worse than the man. But in front of the man show weak, ask for help, can increase the life interest of each other.

      some woman is fire, but the lack of Hao Sijia "the small cat" – like temperament, so never feel flirting with men’s potential. In fact, a fascinating flirt key does not lie in the beautiful, but show its confidence and focus, focus the eyes and good manners is he considered the most effective flirting means. Careful observation, recognition of each other’s needs, is the most irresistible flirting. So have some flirting code, suitable for any time and place, and the effects are good to people contrary to expectation.

        edge affectionate gaze him, licking the upper lip edge leading; middle finger touch lips, back and forth to caresse, like in the taste of his fingers like that sweet; or put a tempting posture, legs constantly about overlapping, let "inner beauty" partly hidden and partly visible, will his passion to titillate the highest point; close to him, let a rounded chest gently touched his arm, hand with the fingers over the nape of his neck and back, to in a short period of time to make his pleasure crisp to the bone; the first button to open the dresses behind, and then ask him to help you complete the rest part. When he finished by surprise and turned into his arms, give him sweet praise.

      two people alone counterparts, in his ear gently tell his admiration or praise, even boldly say hot sensational flirting words, when you have identified two people all interesting further, ensure that he immediately excited.

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the foreplay tips

      when you know before this is a will to add color to your life, man, you can lick lips, full of silently conveyed tenderness at him, bring out a sweet >

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