Men easily won the first-class erection skills

7 simple methods, help male easily won the first-class erection.

, quit resolutely

of the University of Kentucky study found that the average male erectile condition for 5 smokers, and non-smokers to 9. "Harmful substances in cigarettes can cause vascular injury, make the corpus cavernosum penis lack of flexibility." Boston University medical center, the urologist Erwin Gerd Stan said, one study found that smokers of the penis, significantly less than the non smoker.

two, accept the vasectomy

if men have finished parenthood mission, then you might consider ligation. > contraceptive failure is an important cause for part of the male anxiety. This will affect the male erectile, further vicious circle in emotion, eventually become a "disposition" killer.


away from the lover

a brief affair, probably with erectile dysfunction. In fact, many medical doctors often warned the patient, "underground" Romance "will induce the sense of sin, which will lead to anxiety, and the ED.

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