Men must see sexual skill

man can not let go of sex sensitive region, there is a very important effect on the formation of women wave of , as male must be aware of these parts. Speaking of the female reproductive organs of the finger technique, often think of the clitoris, vagina the two finger technology; on other sensitive part of the finger technique is indispensable. One of these is the vagina vestibule.

called the vestibule of the vagina, vaginal mouth is to wrap this was part of the clitoris, labia from. This case is often male technology missing parts. However, in the vestibule of the vagina, organization and male the same parts of corpus cavernosum penis, nerve department in here. And the penis, when the sexy rises, the blood concentration, erection. The part of an erection, like the female reproductive organs and opened the door to the ground, so be sure to spread refers to the skill until the erection so far.


method is a finger inserted by the labia, middle finger, ring finger of the pulp alignment vaginal mouth, toward the direction to touch the clitoris. The same action repeated two times. At this time, to learn some foreign from the vaginal opening as a lubricant, can make smooth refers to the skill.

use the middle finger, ring finger, because relatively easy to drilling in the labia. Moreover, the middle finger and ring finger two fingers vaginal vestibule width, just enough to stab >

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