Men want to be waist awesome.

man sex time to privates like motor as awesome, lack the strength of the waist. Like a car engine, is the core part of. When motion, we all rely on the strength of the waist to complete the genital contact. Even if you have a superb of skills, also cannot do without the power of the waist. However, male due to some conditions, such as fatigue, poor state, the waist is very suck. To this end, we will use some skills to reduce waist power expenditure, men want to " spinal " will.


sex against the wall

relies on a wall type sex skills, although let the waist more awesome, but at the same time requirements are very high, and it will consume more ability. But this way, it can improve each other’s pleasure. At the same time, in order to keep the height and angle of certain thigh and leg muscles, the two sides will get tensile. This position can effectively exercise four muscles and the muscles of waist.

2, sex female on type

woman on top position, let in female dominated, control global sex, men can completely relax, don’t consume too much energy. And the woman on top, but also to let women get faster run. If you want to enhance mutual stimulation, enhance the pleasure, men can also twist the waist, rotating motion. At the same time, can also be hard to top, stimulate the female vaginal , generating powerful pleasure. But the female superior leads to love liquid outflow, causing vaginal dryness, preferably in the selection of this position, the use of pleasure installed human < >

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