Middle aged female vaginal relaxation how to do

children of vaginal relaxation
female resulted in even the disappearance of one of the main reasons that cause the decline of pleasure, vaginal relaxation is usually associated with natural childbirth related.

vaginal relaxation, due to decreased vaginal loose, makes the life vaginal original on the " "to hold the penis" ability, genital contact will be difficult to achieve full, satisfaction, sexual life pleasure even dropped disappear naturally prone to the. Therefore, to the restoration of pelvic muscle exercise group in postpartum recovery period, can not always eat, drink, sleep too "take care".

so, postpartum women, or has occurred vaginal relaxation of women how to pelvic muscle exercises? Our traditional qigong practice "received levator ani gas" method can well pelvic muscle exercise. Method is: every morning and evening in the fresh air where, after deep inspiration breath. At the same time as big, pee can shape anal contraction, so repeated 100 times or more. When used, the usual life can be, is not the number of how many, can carry out the exercise time. After a certain time, pelvic muscle tension will be greatly improved, the muscles around the vagina becomes abundance, powerful, vaginal relaxation can recover for illness without medical help.

foreign "interrupt urination" training can also improve the muscles surrounding the vagina tension, method is: interrupted urination exercise when pee, micturition half trying not to let the urine discharging interruption, pause and then continue to urinate. So again. After a period of time after the exercise, the muscles around the vagina tension, vagina narrows. When the proper exercise can not make up for the regret, not their own without sexual pleasure, but also let her husband when he is not satisfactory, even vaginal wall prolapse of women, it should be early to the hospital to do "vaginal crimple art". Vaginal crimple art is actually very small genital shaping in operation, the operation is simple, under local anesthesia can be completed, also do not need hospitalization, postoperative life quality will be significantly improved. Patients need only in the non

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