Most lets the man flirting irrepressible strip method

sex , clothes is an indispensable step. However, men and women undressed performance has the very big difference, men usually things will quickly removed the body of the " " obstacle;, then hurry to help > women clothes. However, women do not, women often when the clothes off slowly, even leaving a few clothes finally let the man go off. In fact, this is a kind of flirting skills women use.

Note that the speed of

has many men think, for two people to help horny, clothes is a kind of burden, an obstacle hindering the intimate contact, both sides of male and female body. Therefore, they would be in the body of all the clothes off, and then the naked face their own lover.

quickly took off his clothes is really easy to let both sides of intimate contact, but not good to stimulate sexual desire. In fact, a kind of clothes is sexual foreplay, need to step by step, take it easy, can’t toyed with the.

therefore, when sexual love, whether a man or a woman, take off clothes when rate must not be too fast. If this couples have close, is best edge caress side take off clothes, so step by step the sexual process will not seem too nervous.

" half face "

woman when take off clothes should have a " half face " feeling, keep a little mysterious. Therefore, the woman had better not come swaggeringly to undress in front of men, but rather secretive. Wife wearing thin and gorgeous gown, often more than a sudden put all the body exposed to the husband more tempting. This wants to reveal also cover the practice can stimulate the imagination of her husband.

kept off and put on the

has a lot of experience of women, the husband felt clearly, grabbed the man’s weakness, will use this weakness to let a man do not worry. For example, some women knowing that her husband is a " " impatient; animal, but she would not let her husband easily. They undressed tend to just take off the clothes to wear a back, so repeatedly to seduce " " with the man in front of him. " " impatient; man after Zhefan tease, husband’s nakedness do not rise to blame.

expert reminder, although the strip technique can effectively stimulate the man’s sexual desire, but it is on the premise of moderate to some effect. If it is too excessive, lane is bad to can annoy man! < >

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