Most likes the young woman 4 ways to make love

  the young woman desire for love is much higher than the ordinary in women, as if her husband does not have strong life ability and skills, is not meet their. For a woman to get a satisfying sex life, you have to grope the way they like sex. The following 4 kind of sex is like the way young, male compatriots can refer to learning.

Conversion of

sex role

young couples sex life, always the husband wife and expression of active close sex desire in the ear to speak in a mild tone. After many years, his wife may become active, the reason is the changes of hormone secretion. Male and female sex hormones are secreted in male and female body, but in different stages, different secretion in proportion to their. These two kinds of hormone secretion of the male proportion after the change, he may be more willing to in a passive position. The female hormone in females after reduction, the corresponding increase in male hormone secretion, is likely to become more active.

sex innovation

couples age, understand each other more, because of familiarity and trust, no longer shy to discuss how to obtain more satisfactory sexual life. Learn to use new methods, new point of view to solve old problems, such as husband and wife with bath and so on.

Transformation of

sex rate

young people having sex played fast and furious, they are easily excited, and suddenly burst out like gunpowder. More than 20 year old men in sexual life begins after 2~3 minutes to achieve

life heavy light quality quantity

50% young couples sex two or three times a week, including 11% couples over four times. After the age of 35, this proportion dropped to 39%. While 45% of couples may be a month to a few times, but they will still feel the

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