Most men want women to do so


says > women throw herself, but women if in the beginning that quickly using the sex skills, can let a man feel ashamed, even away, in other words, women in the beginning should not be too active, let the best man at the mercy, let the male have the thrill of conquest, and then gradually boldly tell each other: "do you want to change I do for you?" "You teach me how to do it?" First he led, the two sides into position, women initiative is not late.

if there is no experience, can softly in his ear to ask him what to do, or direct imitation of his touch, a man very much hope that women can identify with, so that such a move would make a man more excited.

actually touch without order or a certain program may follow, but tender feelings and kind heart is indispensable, make each other feel deeply loving you, is the key to.

in the sexual process, grasp the male love pleasure, that is to seize the man love means, to make men "sex" to high is necessary to understand the sensitive parts of the male.

The sensitive parts of

men gathered in his with the glans penis, the most sensitive parts, but men don’t like women in the sex started direct contact with his genitals, so women in touch, it is best to use around the thighs and hands gently touch the male organ, so can be caused by his sexual excitement. Then on the penis touch, by hand from the grip penis foreskin, glans near side pressure near the crown, side around, rubbing motion. Touch the penis when the strength should be well controlled in the urinary tract, near the mouth of the stimulus should not be too strong, otherwise it will cause the penis pain or pleasure. In addition, the scrotum is male href= "

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