Most women can not stand the kind of guys tease

unless very strongly in the desire of the case, or a woman more like men to flirting way touch. Women don’t like the sensitive parts of their direct stimulation, this point is different with the man. They hope the man was gradually feel led to her desire to be touching parts.

Women need to relax

woman need to relax, then can slowly into the sex role . For this, men generally difficult to understand. This is because in this feeling, that men and women be quite different. Sometimes men only in the reach of after the climax, will relax. While a majority of women before enjoy sexual life, need to relax.

on the sex life of the book, often find such a proposal: a woman can be the first dim the lights before the sex life, for a long time, a warm bubble bath. When I realized that the differences between men and women before, almost don’t understand it. If I took a long time, warm bath, may be asleep. But now, I understand that the woman is in this way to relax yourself.

slow man

when I discuss them with the women most want to get something out of a man, they more than once told me, hope that their love can slow down the speed of the hand. Slowly stroking can enhance women’s sexual pleasure.

men are different. Direct touch would bring him great pleasure. Many women are not aware of it, but also because the man waited for a long time, but did not receive a stimulus become frustrated.

men need practice to slow down. When a man learn to consciously give women bring about wonderful stimulation, habits will evolve into a kind of instinct. Men need to remember, want to increase a woman’s pleasure, you need to postpone the direct stimulation. This will take longer, sometimes even spent a long time does not appear to have any progress, but the final effect is the woman’s pleasure will be more strong.

for her to spend more time

when a woman wants a man in another way to touch his own, she didn’t have to suffer in silence men have done all that work, she can guide a man according to the way you want to caress. In this case, the man can grab a pillow over, careful observation, carefully study.

men how to give women > in sexual life

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