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Absurd! C Luo lack the Audi Cup really because of the exposure, in party play too hey c Luo (micro blog data) in agent Jorge Mendes wedding party Tencent sports August 4 hearing, Real Madrid (data) official announced the play Audi Cup squad, sign star Cristiano Ronaldo is absent, "Aspen" through dew Portuguese back injury. However, according to Spain’s "Mr. football" broke the news, the Portuguese superstar absent Audi Cup really because is Mendes wedding party played in the head. Last weekend, Ms. J C Luo and other teammates attended the famous agent, Jorge Mendes’s wedding, in order to to the broker expressed gratitude, c Luo sent the a value of at least 300 million euros to the island as a wedding gift, the move caused a media sensation, after all, such a gift too unusual. The Real Madrid will play in the Audi Cup, c Luo unexpectedly absent, to know he had participated in all four games of the season with Real Madrid’s warm-up match before, in the Audi Cup’s pre match press conference, Benitez explained, "Audi Cup is a good warm-up match, the participating teams level are not very high, but we haven’t brought c Luo and Karim Benzema. This is because I don’t want to at the start of the season before the adventure, the player’s health is the most important." Although the "Aspen" said Ronaldo absent the Audi Cup because of a back injury, but "Mr. football" has pointed out, C Luo Qishi in Mendez’s wedding party play over the head, which let his body poor. Previously, the Portuguese star followed by Real Madrid flew to Australia, China for a pre-season tour, now in Mendes party he didn’t pay attention to control, eventually led to the game did not meet the requirements of physical condition. With Ronaldo as absent the Audi Cup and Karim Benzema, although French is also missed because of injury, but Benzema is also in the midst of a transfer rumours, according to legend, the Arsenal (data) intends to spend 65 million euros acquisition of French. This time Benzema and unexpected absence Audi cup, which can make people Thoughts thronged one’s mind. (Brooke) scanning download Tencent sports APP

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