Multiple combination of skill of oral sex for men

          the woman for the man to of the group combined with


          butterfly vibration

          the rich beauty oral sex action best posture is prone on him, if he is standing in front of him may kneel. Contraction of oral, caused by vacuum suction on his genitals, produce, sufficient suction to his genitals slowly into your mouth, your lips tightly around his swollen glans and stems, gently with the tip of the tongue to stir up his glans tip. Lips at the start to swing up and down. After a few minutes, and then change the vacuum sucking, repetitive movements.

          8 word dance

          your lips tightly with his stem, slowly moving to Yin stem bottom, at least as far as possible so that. With the tongue slowly write 8 words, word about three to four inches long, lips always kept tight state, repeat this action, know that you are tired now, instead of vacuum sucking action.

          Yin stems contain the deepest, lips tightly wrapped stem. Then open your mouth, try to inhale air, also let the mouth slowly move to around glans. At this point your lungs full of air. To open the mouth, slowly exhaled air, and slowly the nozzle sleeve to Yin stem bottom. The cooling yin stem this action on the inhale, exhale heat flow and make the Yin stem excited. Repeated action, then can return to the vacuum sucking action. If you think he wants to


          let your little man sitting height, with your knees in front of him, holding up his rod to display his testicles. Use your tongue from his egg bottom diameter >

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