Narrator asexual marriage behind the deception

The trick

asexual marriage

I was married to him for ten years, age is not small, our children four years old.


pregnant he refused to have the life of husband and wife and I, asexual marriage for several years, at first is sick children work pressure big, I was not interested in it.

the past two years, I have been concerned about why he told me asexual, asked him why, he says it is a health condition.

these years, he used to at home, often calls with clients in the past is the sauna, I often alone, he came back and I sleep in separate beds, different house.

until January of this year, I put forward a divorce, he was crying for my family, do not want to divorce, then give me flowers, said the pursuit of me again, he said to me is the psychological barrier, went to see the doctor.

I was very touched, active and his love , but this did not save his heart.

true love

the other day I hit him call records in the first half of this year, the woman in October last year to the field, that is they nearly a year has been telephone contact, day three or four long-distance calls, many of the messages, like love.

last month, I saw this woman sent him a few emails, really shudder with fear, what the ecstasy of the sex , choking kiss and so on, what he said to her, after divorce to marry her, his life can’t forget her and so on.

and this woman and his love all told his family, his family was waiting for him to divorce. This for me this ShouHuoGua several years of I, it is heavy blow.

things in the past fifty days, his attitude changes, he said I love saved him, he is very love me, I rely on his mind, he felt that the past like a nightmare, he again to good to me.

these days, he called me on the phone every day, I was also very good, to tell the truth, from him to now in love, I never felt so happy now, is this true? A good fake ah! What kind of man he really is? How can I do?

August, work overtime on the way home, a strange woman give me a call, saying that she is his wife, eighteen years his junior, dating for almost two years, and do two people for him. >

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