New way to climb each peak sex

Every time

love like in the regular course of official duties, should be a little episode, let sex quality instantly increase.

1, wet temptation

can be a bath and the other at home, or on the outside set thin transparent chiffon jacket, in this situation you will particularly charmed him, and will make the body wet coat close to the body, the body lines appear more enchanting and moving, like you, he will immediately make a sex wars.

2, lower sexual light

experts say the bedroom lights bright degree sexual desire to have certain stimulative effect. Might as well put the bedroom lights down to stimulate each other’s sexual desire, in the hazy sex, can effectively stimulate the emotional substance , strengthen each other’s sexual excitement. This method is relatively simple and easy in implementation, couples can have a try.

3, black silk stockings charm

black has a tensile line role, can make the female body showing a more perfect state, while the born to black men bring difficult to resist the temptation, in sex, also do not have the black stockings aside, might as well put it over your eyes, this will allow you to guess each other next action, let this sex more tempting.

4, the wild sex

energy-saving can greatly increase the sexual life of sexual stimulation, bring you more intense sexual excitement, in which the body state, help you love quality, can promote the communication of feelings of husband and wife.

wild sex as much as possible selection carried out at night, the day is likely to lead to your sex is exposed in front of people, think of the situation, you want to day in the field of sex?

5, the use of female pleasure enhancing liquid

years of married life after marriage will make the female genital pleasure is not so strong, may wish to use the female orgasm enhancement solution, in order to increase the Yin pleasure, help you to experience it as >

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