Newlyweds deserved to go 5 places for making love

There are a lot of

love skills, but want to let each other’s sexual stimulation to the maximum, we can only in the sex skills and work hard. So, in your independent R & D sex skills at the same time, small make up to give us some help to place some comparisons to have the characteristic, different places can make sex feel differently.

the most boring place:


in a romantic midnight, with the beloved girl, to an adult cinema to see a midnight movie. With there secretly Dengying, ambiguous ambience and atmosphere, but also the surrounding unfamiliar faces, jump restless and longing heart.

when the midnight scene lens, then have a look you to be on tenterhooks body. May wish to seize the opportunity, in the darkness of the theater, the attack on her / him, because in the "strange", with deep in the night, why not put down the usual prudish or really frowsty coquettish, tight on the "original" clockwork, thoroughly and have a good time?

most earthquake place: car

take a lover, to bring two long-distance train sleeper tickets, there will be amazing sex to oh. Maybe the excited heart couldn’t restrain, at this time, you can not help but sad Mimi climbed the other bed, preheating in the warm quilt. The slightly swaying coach, that twittering sound and train "crash when interleaving sound bang when", when not set a melodious whistle, the special effects will certainly be able to give you the stimulation of run.

the most soft place:


if you live in the cold north, might as well buy a plane ticket, do you make an hour can be arrived at the sex classic exit beach, warm as spring environment, no friends and "nag", only beloved companions, and the rather elope stimulation and romantic feeling. In the evening, the choice of overflow even five of the sea Star Hotel, head in his broad chest, looking out the window open, listening to the waves of sound, in the situation difficult to own time, go to the beach on a start as changeable as clouds and rain have a distinctive flavour.

the hard place: rock

when the most warm and soft body hit as hard as iron rock. The cold feeling Is it right? Make sex more imprint is engraved on my heart., Is it right? A wonderful ice and fire the lingering feeling. The hard rock body, the Luo to rock the pain could make sex less than perfect, this time may wish to take a backward type attack, when the smooth body touch the hardest >

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