Nine tricks make women happier

first type: first, with the middle finger

don’t think is with the middle finger is inserted, is not the time. An important goal of this fingering attack is of the female clitoris. When you and a companion

when you hand and touch the position of a woman would love liquid outflow, then slowly rotating method to touch the woman vaginal , wet your finger gently up will encounter target the clitoris, the severity of the way as the strength almost with Litchi (big strength litchi will break the skin more out of the water, the only touch will be more water), gently scrape the clitoris, let her feel not much, if any, of course, the mouth and the other hand movements can not stop, continue to kiss and touch her lips, neck or breast , a woman said: "I want to be a mahjong, can let a man feel every day." So the men don’t stop the action on the hand, this posture lasts about 3 minutes, most of the women will have a high tide, is to impart the clitoris orgasm. When the clitoris high tide woman will be very want a man inserted into action, this time can be used to type second.

second type: two finger

this in more practical, when women hope you insert, with the index finger and middle finger together inserted, if continue to the middle finger inserted words, and soon she was not so strong feeling, so the direct use insert two with finger, do quick insert, women must have yuxianyusi she can’t stand, unless your fingers fast thrusting stop.

foreplay can also use the two finger, different sex positions also do not have the same effect, also can be inserted from the woman’s back, left hand on her belly, the right to work, if you are left-handed that anti – >

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