No. 4 Enrique Barre library No. 88 Inler

Serie A Review – Naples 2-2 draw against Cesena 2-3 downgrade in advance – Sohu sports up till the morning of the Beijing time on May 11, Serie A in the thirty fifth round of multi field fighting zhanba. Cesena 2-3 SA Thoreau team lost to the home court, ahead of three relegation, Parr has become the Colts after second Serie A teams relegated. Napoli’s 2-2 draw with Parma; Florence with a 3-2 victory over Empoli; Palermo 3-2 defeat to Atlanta; Udinese 4-1 defeat in Genoa; the 2-2 draw with Chievo Verona. The following is the game with the former playing battlefield, column home court. Parma’s 2-2 draw with Napoli were preparing for next week’s UEFA Cup battle of life and death, Naples substantial rotation, including Gonzalo Higuain, callejon, many main did not start the game while Parma to downgrade in advance of the so desires. The 9th minute, pass in the corner of Parma, Naples goalkeeper Pablo Andujar attack ball turnovers, Palladino in front of 6 meters pushing Kongmen succeeded! Parma 1-0. The 29th minute, after star Marek Hamsik has steals launched straight biography, gabbiadini area in life to shoot the goal broke into the bottom left corner, Napoli tied 1-1. The 33rd minute, Gobbi arbitrary passer of the ball, Jorquera periphery long-range waves in the world out of, the ball hangs right corner and enter, Parma 2-1 lead into halftime. Forty-ninth minutes, Motengsi pass, Hamm Hick header was saved by goalkeeper under close consciousness. Callejon and Gonzalo Higuain substitute. Fifty-ninth minutes, Callejon pass in the area inscribed Gongmen goalkeeper. Sixty-fourth minutes, Gonzalo Higuain restricted injective door forced goalkeeper off, but he was again when saved Mirante magic. The 72 minutes, Sitelini wonderful biography, Mertens penetrates the forbidden area left volley, the ball channeling into the distal angle, Naples 2-2 tied. The two sides lineup: Parma (4-5-1): No. 83, No. 28, No. 2 Mirante Fedall cazzani (74 minutes, No. 15, No. 4, Mendes, Costa) 18, No. 3, No. 8 kopeks Leila Mauri (79 minutes, 5 Gezal), No. 23, No. 26, nuoqielinuo Barrera Hall Cola (No. 80 71 minutes, No. 31, No. 17) Mariga Palladino of Naples (4-2-3-1): No. 45, No. 3, No. 33, Ann Du Jarl Stree Niki Albiol, No. 26, No. 4 Enrique Barre library No. 88 Inler (75 minutes, 19, David Lopez), 77 Gargano (57 minutes, No. 9, No. 23 and BYD, Gonzalo Higuain) Hamm Sieck, No. 17, No. 14 Mertens 91 Zapata (57 minutes, 7 Callejon) 2-3 Florence Empoli Europa League semi-final first leg, Florence lost 0-3 to Seville, the final hope slim. The Viola rotation more than the main, Gilardino start, half of the Bernal Desi start out. Fourth minutes, Bady pass, Yili Vujacic left foot curve ball into the far corner, Florence 1-0 lead. Twenty-eighth minutes, Empoli on loan from AC Milan Szabo Nara continuous breakthrough three players into the restricted area after)

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