no salary space. They want to get Josh

Exposure King clippers team Kuangzhui Josh wants to poaching weaken rocket strength Josh & amp; #183; Smith career ten dunk fill buckle lore such as routine loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent hearing on July 14 according to the reporter for the Los Angeles Times, Brad Turner, clippers king and other teams still in the pursuit of Josh Smith, trying to poach the last season of the Western Conference semifinals to help the Rockets complete reversal of the hero. King clippers piston laid off season on the team Achase Josh Smith, defected to the good brother Dwight Howard, with an annual salary of 200 million biennial exception to join the Rockets. Because the effectiveness of his life is not enough, the Rockets have two choices, one is in terms of the non bird and his contract and give him open an annual salary of $240 million. Another is to he opened a mid-level, will he leave. Now the question is, the Rockets will also leave the young midfielder kJ McDaniels, 22 year old player of the season’s salary of only 50 million dollars. He is now in the rise, the unlimited potential and may not work well with the Rockets signed a salary contract. The Rockets have to leave him, must be part of the middle class, to give him a 3000000 annual salary. As a result, Josh’s contract amount will not exceed 3000000. Because of salary too little, Josh began to seek other offers, the Clippers in the background also laicourenao. Why the Clippers ride? They are signing Paul – Pierce, has spent the own mini middle, now the payroll has exceeded the luxury tax line trigger, no salary space. They want to get Josh, open only basic salary, than the amount of the rocket. King and other teams are also in the pursuit of Josh, the king can give him a substitute for the position of the big striker. King’s advantage, Rondo (microblogging) and Josh is also a good friend, Rondo on season force solicitation even joined the Dallas Mavericks, and he create big industry. The king now has a $8000000 salary space, and can give Josh a good contract. Standing on the annual salary of the point of view, the king took the largest Josh. (Tong Xin)

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