Of Master MM teach you 4 steps of oral sex

          1 let

fully erect penis

          to the man oral certainly can not facing the limp penis, so first of all let it fully erect. First took out his penis, look at the hard degree of the penis, if has is strong enough, the natural is better; if is not strong, try this method: the left hand holding her of testicular , right hand holding the penis, along with the root of the penis as the center and gently squeeze what do oral sex, fellatio preparation.

          2 with the tongue moist penile

          dry penis into the mouth will be very uncomfortable, not only you, he also feel uncomfortable. So, go with your moist, flexible tongue licking it, let it become moist and not dry. Can also be used in hot wind blowing gently, and then put out the tongue slight touch the penis, so repeated tease several times.

          may have many sisters are unwilling to do so, think the penis ugly dead, not a bit cute, taste too disgusting, also secrete to the entrance of the semen. It doesn’t matter, the sisters can give men wear a contraceptive set. It is recommended to wear a cool feeling and fruity son of


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