Offbeat foreplay women boil into full play

bed activity occurred in most of the questions: are you ready, she needs preheating. Fire lit her now…

1, gave her a

sexy underwear

if you think send ordinary underwear too old-fashioned, then choose sexy underwear.

find a look you don’t want to love time, for example in the restaurant, and handed it to her under the table, and let her to Restroom change. Exaggerated, but her passion is a little bit began to be opened the door. Of course, not recommended for a first date to use this to recruit.

2, hugging her until she wanted to leave


master most can let women exciting, but don’t underestimate the power of a warm hug, especially if she took the initiative to cuddle. Make it clear you don’t want to stop holding her.

3, mouth hung her name

women love men use their names. The special way of using her name is better, for example: in the middle of a word to call her name, writing her name on your shoulders, your hand — anything she can see it. This is a painless tattoo, but will bring pleasure. It will make her happy, she can feel you care about her.

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