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The Best Methods of Pest Control The word pest can only mean distraction. Pests range from rats, stoats, insects and a myriad of other organisms that crawl, squeak and eat garden plants. That is why; when invaded whether in the house or in the garden, people make a beeline for the best methods. You can either choose chemical-based solutions or home-based solutions to remove pests. Factors such as cost, family members, availability should be considered when deciding the best method to use. In case you prefer home-based solutions then you should try keeping a dry and clean house because pests like wet places. You should ensure you wipe spills, keep all foodstuffs away and remove garbage from the house.
Finding Similarities Between Options and Life
You should also seal all entryways and for this caulk will be used on crevices and cracks. These are often found in electrical outlets, toilets, pipes, ducts and sinks.
Finding Similarities Between Options and Life
If you want to prevent mice from going through cooling, and heating vents you should place screens at their openings. Vacuuming for particular nests or bugs is another chemical-free method. Using swatters or placing traps such as pheromone traps, light traps, and jar traps can solve the pest problem in homes as well. After all of the above practices are employed, and there is no change then it might be time to use pesticides. You might want to start with lower risk pesticides and boric acid here can help. To use boric acid effectively, dust it in crevices and cracks so as to slowly kill silverfish, cockroaches, and ants. Areas of the house with human exposure should however, be avoided. For better results , go for bait boxes as compared to pellets, powders and sprays. For this method, it is advisable to use the tamper-resistant kind. Boric acid can act as bait in this instant but be sure to keep the bait boxes out of children’s reach. In some instances, fatty-acid and insecticidal soaps have been known to work especially, when it comes to mites, fleas and caterpillars. You should, however, be careful because they are unsafe if eaten. If the job of getting rid of pests does not appeal to you then it is time to call in a professional. Professionals use the integrated pest management (IPM) that is known for having not having much toxicity and physical products. For places that cannot be accessed by the above methods, aerial control can present the much-needed solution. GPS technology is the main tool used in aerial control and the best thing about this cheap and effective method is that it will kill many pests at once. In case you choose to go the pesticide way, use it as per instructions and avoid repeated and preventative applications. Never use pesticides without protective clothing such as gloves, goggles, and masks. Never leave leftover pesticides lying around.

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