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30, Tencent video review the classic war Yao two service pioneer relive classic peak of Yao Ming, overtime winning goal being Roy anti kill loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent July 29 hearing, reviewing the old, you and I are the witness of the great race. Tencent NBA launched "classic games" to review, review of the video to reproduce those classic and very touching. Beijing time on July 30 in the morning 9 when, the classic games review "will offer in 2009 the first round of the playoffs rockets and pioneering the first contest, Yao half 9 9 that the Blazers disarm in advance. Wang Zixing and the famous basketball commentator Ma Jian will comment on the game. Yao Dabao Blazers that year’s regular season rocket to 53 wins and 29 losses record ranked fifth in the western, develop them to a wins the advantages to beat the Rockets ranked 4. In the playoffs, the Rockets are eager to break through the first round of the first round. The war before the first feeling is very complex: Ron Artest (microblogging Artest) (metta world peace (microblogging) has been the embodiment of the effect of supplementary rocket, but Tracy McGrady due to injury ahead of reimbursement; public opinion generally believes that Blazers is rocket seek breakthrough ideal rival and even defined as "pioneers of the rocket and restraint,". Really so? Yao Ming two dozen of the so-called "restraint" of the suspense did not last too long, the first game in April 19, 2009 reflects the promotion of the Rockets hope: on the road, the Rockets to 108-81’s big score advantage to beat the trail. A war that is to get back home advantage, that a fight for the final 4-2 rocket into the road. The real restraint is Yao Ming. Yao Ming opening that is the 3 consecutive attack succeeded, led the rockets hit 7-0 start. Although Roy immediately gave a good performance of the 4 consecutive attacks, Yao Ming single section 7 cast a total of 16 points still led the Rockets in the first section, the establishment of a two digit advantage. Second section Yao Ming also gives the performance of continuous bullying Auden, Przybilla, et al. Under Yao Ming’s leadership, the Rockets in the first half of the hit rate of 65% 62-44 lead. Yao Ming two times 9 cast all, 6 free throws in the whole, the efficiency of 100 percent cut 24 points. In the second half of the match has no need featuring Yao Ming, rockets in Brooks and Scola (microblogging), drive calmly lead, and ultimately to a 27 point advantage of harvest victory. Brooks’s match cut 27 points, 7 assists, one-third of the ball 8 cast 5 in, the hot state for second round with the Lakers’ seven game battle foreshadowed. Scola 9 in the field 7 to cut 19 points. At that time, the A De difficult g of the rocket through the classic review of the performance of the Yao Ming and the Rockets, while the pioneer is also very much. Roy, Auden and Aldridge these three people, in the time to make the public opinion is very expectations. Roy that competition 23 throw in 10 scored 21 points, as a substitute Auden 7 for 6 in 15 points and 5 rebounds and 1 blocks away. "Yellow Mamba" and "Auden the great" fans left more regret, to relive their heroic pitch and therefore more significance. Aldridge is also a key player to focus on. At that time the fans of public opinion on the development of the core players of the sort, the status of A De and the carrying period.

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