On two kinds of sexual technique physically harmful.

harmful href= "" rel= sex behavior on the couple’s physical and mental health will cause certain impact, it is necessary to strictly prevent.
harmful behavior include the following two:

is intended to prolong sex time is to lengthen pleasure. Someone meet with nervous feeling of enjoyment, will inhibit and delay moment of climax. So the male and female reproductive organs congests for a long time, which can cause of the prostate disease, menstruation does not adjust, abdomen dropping heavy sick. And for a long time to repeat this abnormal sexual behaviors, will cause neurasthenia, damage to health.

not normal behavior is not completely fucked. This often occurs in the absence of > contraceptive knowledge without hope soon the young couple in children. Because concern becomes pregnant and they interrupt sexual intercourse in the before ejaculation, this for both men and women, are harmful. Because when the interruption of sexual intercourse, the total will not like normal so satisfied. From the point of view of medical physiology, interrupt sexual intercourse before in ejaculation, reserve "energy ammunition" not completely "unload", the nervous system is mainly the cortex and spinal cord central nervous is still a long time in a state of tension, seminal vesicle is not completely empty, people feel uneven static, even feel very irritable, over time, will cause male prostate disease, urethral end stagnation and

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