Oral sex skills a large collection of classic love

          in two of the of in life, we always because of some of the habits and refused to fresh sex . In fact, we really do not need such be content with staying where one is, because in addition to the real , oral sex, anal sex milk also can add color to your life, full of passion.

          1, basic action

          GUI the top of head has a small opening, it is the man the place of ejaculation. The outer parts of GUI head a circle is called the GUI loop, which connects the of the penis head and stem, please note here is that it is the most sensitive part, when you for your lover during oral sex should be here a little tenderness, I like here called soft ditch, ditch my personal love soft man.

          GUI head and stem junction in the middle, is one of the most soft place a man, if he has not done the operation, so here is also connected to the wrapping place. As long as you use the tip of the tongue gently touch a row here, it may make your partner to

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