Our big PK three Musketeers

called sex, refers to the original woman in , issued a charming hum a low gasp. In traditional idea, men in general is not sexual, if men sex, must not decent man. Along with the people to the knowledge to understand more fully, sexual problems were put back on the table. In fact, the man also can be called the bed, not letter, let us work together in the three men’s secret world.


interview notes: it is only a game

A Wei, age 2 years

son in my arms when not yet 18 years old.

the other day, I was on the edge of a hero to save the United States do not save the day dream, beauty, but the wicked played Petals drop and waters flow. Fortunately, the wicked there was no nonsense, but rather generously gave me the beauty. Son said, the wicked is her ex boyfriend, he is worried about not getting rid of love. Because I’m in a timely manner, to help him a favor.

I used a lot of metaphor to comfort the son, the most vivid is — no need for a tree to give up the whole forest.

son I use for paper towels to wipe the face crying half alive, then made a surprising decision — and I. I forgot to ask her and I want to for a long time, and I was good for a lifetime, in disorderly fashion then promised her.

years later, we got married. Marriage is good, a lot of things we didn’t know, married to know. I finally found a secret, a feel shy outward people say secret. Originally, break up his son and ex boyfriend, and son on attitudes about sex.

son eyes, but also the polychromatic even than the rainbow.

Put forward many requirements

son, I have promised. I promised her when a condition — " love , I was the "woman". You may think that I’m a little weak, in fact, do "woman" also have "woman" fun. I can licentious in bed cry, son heard my cry, will become active on many, we work together to achieve orgasm.

and I are just the son is the game, this is a only in the night to play the game, but cannot play fun.

son said, like a dark night like daytime than men, a man of cool.


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