Moved through in the city – Changzhou named its

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the cloudy
this In February, Changzhou City, the second taxi Festival closing ceremony held in the Palace of Culture.
through six months of public online voting and jury comprehensive validation, 20 taxi drivers come to the fore,

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Dry eye not only because of the season to see the computer painted eyelashes are affected – People’s

After entering the fall, many people have felt this way: dry eyes, obviously, always itching, but also jealous, which is likely to dry eye syndrome at work. But they tend to believe that this is only the result of seasonal changes, without medical treatment, Ren Ren in the past. In fact, this season has been just the problem, and probably driven by the modern way of life and work.

has changed the tear film, dry eyes

into the fall, not only the skin will be dry, the eyes will

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Shanxi Province Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine techniques for minimally invasiv

Women’s Hospital, Taiyuan – Shanxi Province Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine gynecology (gynecological Taiyuan Railway Central Hospital)
Shanxi Province Hospital of Integrated Chinese and Western medicine gynecology (gynecological Taiyuan Railway Central Hospital) director of gynecology at the conference, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer , gynecological malignancies, ovarian cancer is the highest incidence of the three diseases in our country, age of onset in patients

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Winter is a good time to eat hot pot , but what people should not eat

Should not eat hot pot ? ? taste spicy flavor to the main pot , suffering from chronic pharyngitis , stomatitis , stomach , ulcer , skin diseases, hemorrhoids , anus fissure and frequent nosebleeds, bleeding gums , and a ; caught unfit for human consumption . well , ? taste hot pot at the end of most of the herbal material , most of these drugs can be excited uterine smooth muscle , uterine contractions strengthen , or cause uterine congestion, prone to cause miscarriage or premature labor, so p

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Chinese medicine to explain the organs Meridian massage therapy

Such as the back points of the back, chest and abdomen Mu Points organs by gas infusion and gather. Visceral lesions, often reflected through the meridians to the chest, the back surface; chest, back surface some parts of the press to stimulate, through the meridians transmitted to the internal organs and related parts and produce a therapeutic effect. According to this theory, to the way massage the chest, the back of the corresponding points (tender points), you can through the meridians to pl

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Health care must see !

Teach you to deal with a woman close at 12 kinds of furniture unmentionable disease – Health Health Channel – PeopleThis REVIEW: woman is something that only a woman he knows, like drops of urine, especially the high incidence of this, but unspeakable things still have to tell a woman by a woman how to do? How best to adjust to the body!

teach you to deal with a woman close at 12 kinds of furniture unmentionable disease (1 / 12)

1, genital infect

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Take away the

Luo Jing’s voice will always remain in people’s hearts. (Picture)

guidance experts Nanda Pok Hematology, Second Xiangya Hospital

Yang Junjie chief physician, professor

Some people say, are bound to Jing Luo The culprit is his life away lymphoma.
lymphoma have no symptoms reflect? Able to prevent it? What causes the? Nanda Pok in the Second Xiangya Hospital, Professor Yang Junjie that the accelerated pace of life in modern society, people work to increase the p

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Deafness and hearing health knowledge 1

1.2 are advised to treat conductive hearing loss?

principle, can cure deafness would be inappropriate with the use of hearing aids. Therefore, there is hope of treatment are advised to treat patients with conductive hearing loss, rather than rush equipped with hearing aids. In fact, can really cure conductive deafness is limited, such as shorter duration of middle ear disease. Moreover, the treatment is not rich, mainly dependent on surgery.

otologist with the surgical method

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Original – Watermelon usefulness and practices

Usefulness and practices watermelon / / use a small watermelon and practice / / small watermelon efficacy and consumption of summer heat, many people became small watermelon seasonal refreshing thirst-quenching quality goods. small watermelon originated in the Gobi region of South Africa, in ancient Egyptian art in the image have a small watermelon, showing the history of a small watermelon dill plant has been 4000 years. Tang and Song dynasties, small watermelon incoming China Central Western l

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Thirty-nine days off moxibustion Deficiency Disease – 24 -hour rolling news – People

thirty-nine days moxibustion who help improve the physical spleen dampness. Profile picture

With winter approaching, the year the coldest thirty-nine days are coming, at this time whether natural or human, are beginning to enter the micro-yang, chi-sheng of the state, the body fight decline in the ability of pathogenic cold, respiratory and joint pain and other symptoms Deficiency easy to attack or worse. Chinese experts said the Chinese emphasis on Heaven Accordingly, thirty-nine days

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Careful postoperative esophageal anastomotic leakage

Surgical treatment of esophageal cancer is a major method of treatment , especially treatment of choice for early esophageal cancer as a traumatic treatment, surgical treatment, patients often will be some complications for the prevention and treatment of these complications, the relationship to the rehabilitation of patients with esophageal cancer , should arouse our attention. anastomotic leakage after esophageal cancer is the most serious crisis Yan complications, we can not be ignored .

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Reversal therapy [ overall ] Xi’an National Hospital

Chinese medicines to treat cervical cancer metastatic spread of cervical cancer surgery, chemotherapy, radiation medicine specialists hospital symptoms of cervical cancer etiology is not clear, at home and abroad large amounts of data confirm that early marriage, early childbearing, fertility, and sexual disorders Women have a higher prevalence. There is also that the smegma of cholesterol by bacterial action in the post can be transformed into carcinogenic substances. Also contributed to the im

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Inventory of the highest coefficient of 7 class of genetic diseases

Although parents can not change the child’s genes, but at least his own history as a warning, more attention to children with physical problems related to these medical history, and timely check, take early and effective preventive measures, the risk Yan factor to a minimum. To introduce the following seven kinds of hereditary diseases and response options.

allergies and asthma

the highest incidence of children are: people with asthma or parents of peanut butt

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What are the symptoms of pineal tumors

by Pellizzi
??pineal tumors, also known as sexual precocity levy; the earliness giant giant genital signs means a pineal tumor-induced gonadotropin increase in sex hormone secretion (the secretion of the pineal gland function and pituitary antagonism).

pineal region tumor clinical manifestations due to the location of the lesion. The clinical manifestations depend very much on the size of the lesion and the intrusion on the surrounding neural structures.

1. cerebral edema: the p

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Disease living at home library adenoidal hypertrophy is caused by what the

– Living at home – PRC Tianjin windowBrief content: To increase the nasal obstruction , nasal drainage obstruction , rhinitis, sinusitis, adenoid secretions so they continue to stimulate proliferation , forming a vicious circle of reciprocal causation . More common in children , often in combination with chronic tonsillitis .

the human body is like a magic machine , when a certain part of the machine when problems arise , there will be some small body status to remind our attention. Ho

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Cheonan Hospital On the method of treatment of acute rhinitis

Cheonan Hospital On the way to the treatment of acute rhinitis
Keywords: allergic rhinitis, chronic rhinitis nasopharyngitis
simple rhinitis snoring children rhinitis side rhinitis pharyngitis sinusitis sinusitis and nasal polyps shrink rhinitis, tinnitus and deafness
acute rhinitis is an acute inflammation of the nasal mucosa, often accompanied by acute nasopharyngitis. which is an acute inflammation of nasopharyngeal mucosa, is part of the upper respiratory tract infection, comm

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Guiyang hospital treatment of recurrent rhinitis that good option for the treatment of chronic rhini

Do not blind the treatment of chronic rhinitis, selecting the right therapy is the key. Conservative medical treatment is not desirable, the traditional surgical treatment has been eliminated, Guiyang Yunyan District Hospital ENT surgery using minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of chronic rhinitis, because of their good treatment effect, been generally recognized in patients. …
rhinopathy chronic rhinitis as a common, its prevalence is increasing year by year, for people with chronic

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Cancer class Please stay away from liver cancer and alcohol – prevention of cancer , liver cancer –

Hot Search : Top Ten Award API exhibition of Chinese herbal medicines prices surge in the first quarter inventory
registered members filling machine baby clothes baby bottles
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Resection of thyroid cancer recurrence rate of non-standard – Sohu rolling

Reporters often intern Hui Zhou Xiaoping

3 times surgery does not completely do not want to talk the girl for many years

chapter Tong (a pseudonym) who just turned 30 years old, she flies this year’s birthday unforgettable, because She is in the treatment of thyroid disease Henan Tumor Hospital Center spent on the bed. Just last week, the center’s director Qinjian Wu for her to do radical surgery of thyroid cancer, this is the fourth time she had surgery. Need to be hospitali

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The country searching out doctors antidote to cure thyroid cancer illnesses in Shanghai

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Changchun, a thyroid cancer patients in more than a year after only wearing a tracheal tube to breathe. February 2008, Changchun City, a 47-year-old Naidu stumbled a neck mass, the diagnosis of thyroid cancer, so in the local hospitals radical surgery.

the country searching out doctors antidote

2008 In February, a 47-year-old Cha

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Do not mistake uterine fibroids and uterine sarcoma

Do not mistake uterine fibroids and uterine sarcoma, a lot of people do not know of uterine fibroids and uterine sarcoma What is the difference of these two diseases. Expert explained: the two diseases, one benign, one malignant tumor. One word, the result is quite different.

What is uterine sarcoma?

Uterine sarcoma is a rare, highly malignant female genital tumors. Uterine sarcoma accounts for 2% of uterine malignancies, at the age of 50 years old. Clinical manifestations

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Induced by middle-aged major cause of depression Ji – Ji -induced middle-aged major cause of depress

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survey shows that in China every two minutes there will be a suicide, in which depression the proportion of patients up

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Laparoscopy in the structure of stress urinary incontinence and pelvic reconstruction

Surgery status and prospects
Professor Liang Zhiqing surgical treatment of stress urinary incontinence
(stress urine incontinence, SUI) the most effective means, as
continuous improvement of surgical approach, the current large part of the surgical treatment of
has achieved a satisfactory long-term efficacy. So far, dozens of hands
way for the treatment of urinary incontinence surgery, but with better long-term clinical efficacy of the method is not
more, and in the

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Easy to guard against food carcinogen aflatoxin possession of

End of 2011, a batch of milk, Mengniu aflatoxin poisoning cases occur, aflatoxin our attention again. Everyday life, easy to aflatoxin contamination we eat rice, corn and other grain. Especially the Lunar New Year approaching, we usually will purchase peanuts, nuts or bacon and other New Year, these foods if not handled properly by aflatoxin contamination, health effects, and even cancer. How do we prevent aflatoxin?
four foods most likely When you find nuts peanuts, melon seeds, hazelnuts

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Nutritional imbalance resulting myopic children

pediatric ophthalmology experts pointed out that in addition to genetics, early education and computers over the well-known factors , nutritional imbalances also contribute to a child can not be ignored because of myopia , high- fat, high calorie foods which play an important role .


high-fat high-calorie foods in vitamins, low mineral content , and vitamin A, calcium is precisely the development of the necessary elements of the eye cones , deterrence will make the eyes

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Beware of children low temperature burns with warm baby

water bottle, Shou Lu, warm baby or a hot bath can let us in the winter a little more warmth. However, in the hospital, the number of winter after the burn outpatient rising, especially in low-temperature burns more common. Feeling is not hot believe it was caused by low-temperature burns, I am afraid this situation there have been a lot of people who are. Objects often cause low temperature burns and skin contact time is relatively long, the damage to the cortex after the burn is deep. Looked b

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Which Paul Yan lose heat stroke

Any one of the existing disease Bao Xian does not exist in the wording of the where the units have been insured for your door (urgent) outpatient medical insurance Yan, or your vote Bao Xian worried about the heatstroke no the claims
have been accidents caused due to heat stroke can we get the claim is always inconclusive. Paul Yan claims that heatstroke heatstroke consequences of claims and insurance Yan and his availability ( she) covered by Yan closely related.
there is no specializ

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Fall to eat hot pot five taboos !

(1 )

just one autumn, hot pot dinner every time the door will be waiting in long lines waiting, people who eat hot pot at once increase. Eat hot pot again, but really know how to eat hot pot, not many people.

wrong one: a hot When Sam Sun

performance: a delicious hot pot in one clip it up straight to his mouth, too hot tongue numb forehead sweating hooked, and was justified: gastric mucosa can withstand normal temperature of 50 ℃, the food too hot will damage

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