Passion hot sexual strategy

      sex romance and passion, although with the beloved love is a most delightful thing, but if it is always unchanged, will inevitably lose freshness.



face she lay down (or sit), legs straight, seized her by the shoulders or waist with both hands side. You can easily understood, or up and down, left and right or draw arc different posture, transform into the point of stimulation, women may therefore unlimited imagination moans, and you are enjoying the illusion and endless sex new experience.


put your body in the bed edge, face up flat, hips up, let the lower half of the body in the bed, the waist and head in the bed, knees bent so that the foot as close as possible to the lower thigh or thighs, hands to head swing. You can also sit on a chair or stool, then the body leaning back, until the head can rely on the mat or floor, not excessive force yourself.

small remind

this "reverse" type of position, is to get his or her head down, bending his body side, unable to grasp the supporting point of the upper part of the body, with the high tide comes, with the increase of face and neck blood pipe pressure, his face will be red and then there is astounding sensory stimulation, because the upper part of the body at a loss, but can show the climax twist the body of sexy and passion. This position is intense, man must have full assurance to "master" of the female body (at least grasp can hold to live her?), which is a safety precaution in case the woman approach can not control the body of the. The woman must have full trust in men only row. In addition to remind the cardiovascular diseases were the best do not try.

difficulty index: 7

this position is on the female body softness is a big test, but the height is best not to bed or chair is too high, can make the upper part of the body or head >

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