Passion sex positions of auspicious Liushi

            life , you Is it right? Feel she is always not very fun and meet? You Is it right? And you still immersed in her on the men and women of the most common posture when you can? For several sex passion. Below small make up for couples passion make love you recommended position — auspicious six.

            auspicious in: font cyclotron
the first female side lying, a pair of pillows under the buttocks, legs open and will be bent, hands placed on the head; the man in the face of the woman, the body straight, hands placed on both sides of the head with a woman to support the weight of the body, and then into the woman’s body; the man slowly do 8 font cyclotron, make the > of vaginal wall, each other can enjoy the pleasure of.

lucky two type: sexy gymnastics

first let the lying, the woman upward lift legs, to his knees close to the chin, and then the man in the missionary position inside of her body, her leg may be on the man’s shoulder, holding the man’s arm, the man to the woman’s buttocks as the supporting point, this force, each other can feel sexual passion.

lucky three type: happiness Hemp flowers

man and woman face to face the side lying, legs twisted; when the man entered her body, hold each other to enhance the friction pleasure.


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