Passionate sex guide must know the techniques of shock

for love the master, stimulation, customers is the most cool, especially for senior lathe worker, they believe in the bedroom have sex than have sex at the table, making love than sex in a hotel room in the house, in a building in sex than exciting car.

however, in this particular case sex need high-end skills, otherwise it will only the scenery. This recommendation several techniques in the car will know, I hope everyone can refer to the reference.

the first step: prepare the sex is you must first remove the seat belt on the edge of the door, on one side.

second step: and then, put the seat to move forward and gently. Convenient chair unfolds.

The third step:

seat lowered to a certain extent.

The fourth step: after

, the headrest or clothing on the seat backrest and seat connecting parts, this can make your partner feel more comfortable, at the same time reduce the seatback and seat connecting parts to peer back discomfort.

the fifth step: the key is to confirm that has taken emergency static brake. Handbrake is commonly used.

sixth step: there are a lot of space can be used to store clothing the car for sure, and the handle of the door can also use.

seventh step: be careful, be careful of your foot touches the switch on the dashboard, so the best way is to make sure that you have closed the window, lights and other switch. This is to each other’s privacy, until these were ready to complete, the back of the "spring" is not far away.

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