Perfect sex started from caress

                    in this problem, the man is strong. When a man in the face of in women’s skin, sexual drive will likely overcome reason, as females must have a sober understanding, transition from touch to premarital sexual behavior on this issue, always maintain a rational should. To do so, not only can protect themselves, at the same time, also can earn each other’s respect. If a woman, in the face of male touch, active love, meet the requirements of each other, but not the best policy. Because caused such an outcome, the other will think you flirtatious, and once the last defence psychology was a breakthrough, there is a time there will be a hundred times. So, the mystery of disappeared, a man will have a feeling, even disgust, in the end, suffer their own. So learn to caress is an art.

                  caress, mainly is refers to between the lovers hugging and kissing, stroking and all the intimacy between the sexes. It is between lovers, especially life an indispensable content in young couples, but also a way of showing love.

                  caressing behavior generally appear most process after puberty love for the first time or later times in love. Touch as a voluntary act lovers both first love or love the time, with a lot of arbitrariness and coherence. Men generally are active to caress, often in the case will be overcome by one’s feelings girlfriend in my arms, sometimes impulsive. Due to caress generally do not bear the responsibility and obligation to caress, so almost everyone lovers in love when a never fading landscape.

                  touch is a glass of water, it can alleviate both men and women lust; caress is a poem, it can make both sides of male and female always immersed in the beautiful memories; touch is a painting, it can all day for lovers under the aftertaste and >

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