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Why Should I Choose a Blue French Bulldog? One of the quickest growing dog breeds around the world is a Blue French Bulldog since it is already rising in popularity among many dog lovers. This breed actually originated from England as a selective breed of the English Bulldog that is crossed with the local ratters in Paris but with the blue coloration of its fur. As a result of this, it is much smaller compared to its tank-like cousin and it usually looks like a toy. Once the breed was brought back to France later on, this is when it acquired its name that stuck. A Blue French Bulldog is typically a cute, cuddly and smashed face bully that is to die for because it provides the toughness of a mini bulldog with the personality of a clownish couch potato. It is no different if you get this little one aside from the obvious difference in color and markings. This valuable mini bulldog has a blue coat color, which is caused by the ‘d’ dilute gene or dilute coat color gene among dogs. Generally, the blue color in most or all other breeds of dogs is directly influenced the diluting of the black base color in dogs. At some point, the black color in these animals was the result of dilution that created the bluish hue that you see especially in their fur. Also referred to as mouse due to its color, it is gray that you typically see and not blue in actuality.
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There are several types of French Bulldogs that are also referred to as Frenchies and the most common colors include the Solid Blue French Bulldogs, Blue Pied Blue Frenchies, Blue Brindle Frenchies, Blue Fawn Blue Frenchies, and and the very rare Blue and Tan French Bulldogs. The puppies of a Blue French Bulldog can be quite costly aside from being rare. Usually, the most desirable one has a respectable price of $2,500 and ranging upwards between $5,000 and even $10,000 for very rare specimens because of their special characteristics and markings. However, not all puppies of Frenchies specifically turn out to have the bluish coat colors although they are all considered to carry the “blue gene”. Therefore, there are labeled as “blue carrier”, which are also very valuable because they are still able to produce the diluted blue coats in their puppies even though they don’t display themselves the discoloration.
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One of the great things when you own a Blue French Bulldog is that it can be always sold with no breeding rights or simply as quality companion pets. This is amazing as the breed can stay exclusive and clearly have to remain from being over bred and overpopulated. This is an exotic and majestic breed of Bulldog that can surely thrive and increase in popularity over the years.

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