Piston several most skills movement

        compression movement

      is a kind of Y stem after insertion, a tight integration of two human organ skills, phase paste through tight compression movement, make the Y Y of uterine tract by strong stimulation, male can realize Y crossing contraction of fun, and it also can be used as in the process of the sexual intercourse short rest or prevent male ejaculation skills.

      up and down movement

      female host, front seat or flexion movement skills such as typical, is actually change form a before and after exercise. As everyone knows, women don’t like men freely make this up and down movement, this is because the male erectile Y stem and perpendicular to the body axis, and the female Y tract and the body axis roughly equal reason. Thus, women do on time next exercise, not too intense, slow motion is very important.

      rotary motion

      is a Y insert stem Y Road, draw a circle with waist skills, the most suitable for female lower movement. Do rotary movement, two people close together, which helps Y stem root stimulation Y mouth.


before and after exercise

      before and after exercise is the method most commonly used in the movement of male sexual intercourse, because it is similar to the piston in the cylinder motion, so can stimulate the Y channel, mouth and other parts of the anterior wall of the uterus, the movement itself is very simple, in order to enhance the "

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