Practical tips to help women experience multiple orgasms

first of all to remember is: the key to success in the heart that you!

yes, you. "No mind" will help you reach run. Learn to abandon distracting thoughts: the work at hand, the children, on the body of various uncertainty and apprehension, ashamed to "be completely informal", too care about the other half of the feelings etc..

to do this, you can first try "self climax". Reading porn, yellow magazine, or rent of adult film. Look at the time (or read it), explore your body with the hand.

I suggest you also could use like vibration device such

and because four unmanned, you don’t have to worry about someone secretly give you points. But put down the mask, the heart.

when you inside the body that a piece of muscle spasm began to strange, trembling feeling from the Yin pedicle by the outward divergence, Congratulations, you have reached the legendary climax. In front of the effort is worth it.

now, how to set off the second climax?

don’t let go! Allow your imagination to stay in Wonderland. Imagination is more powerful than you think.

fantasy of the person you love is constantly stimulate you, hand, mouth, with his "weapons".

if you are looking at adult movies, focusing on the film itself. Mimic their actions. If you look at the erotic novels, dreamed of you and your YY objects are experiencing the romantic scene.

the first climax will let Yin Road congestion, at the Yin channel to the outside stimulation is more sensitive, also more easily won the climax.


needs a little encouragement, and then climb the peak before? I’ll tell you, after the first wave of baptism, the second wave will be more thorough, more turbulent. I know, listening to the strange, but it is true.

In addition,

also can try a change of body position. Posture helps you fancy hot scene. The hot scenes, your sex drive is more strong.

remember, don’t hurry, don’t be afraid of anyone to interfere. Slowly you find on the sensitive zone of all, try a variety of exciting technique, to see which one is the most in your heart.

understand their bodies like when you, will in the future to guide your partner.

if the first attempt, you in the second climax defeated, don’t be discouraged. Opportunities there, nothing but is immediately >

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