Progressive delay sexual training kuaiqiang man

The emergence of

gradual delay training, to "snap" male brings hope.

"kuaiqiang male" sometimes I haven’t reached the high tide is let out, not to mention can give each other high tide .

what is the incremental delay training

gradual delay training is a set of self exercise, do not rely on drugs without other external auxiliary, as long as adhere to the practice will be able to extend the sex time. This method is mainly in order to extend the in male sex time, after all, life female excitability is very important. Because women are relatively slow in life, if they have not entered a state of men have their guns, then certainly not achieving orgasm.



gradual delay training

1, less sensitive

y stem

male y stem is sensitive, it is easy to reach the peak of pleasure, so it is necessary to reduce the sensitivity of the. Specific approach: masturbation induced y stems erect to a maximum degree, then stop lane, change tactics, start y adjustment, loosen the grip with my way to stem the sensitivity.

at the moment, when the clenched y stem may have to

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