Provoke a couple have sex appeal

life can improve the immune system function, alleviate the pressure of

between husband and wife, even can protect the > health . Therefore, if you desire a bit depressed, try these secret weapon, can make you fully enjoy sex.

1, every time after time partner, please contact him / her body or kissing him / her. Improve sexual desire through physical contact can be simple.

2, when to drink yogurt and eat cereal, add 1 spoon malt, it contains large amounts of zinc, has important function for of the testicular hormone.

3, male please every supplement containing ginkgo ingredients of nutrition, it can promote blood flow, so that more blood flow to the brain and other organs. However, should consult a physician before taking, in strict accordance with the prescribed.

4, when you and your partner affectionate or kiss, please open your eyes wide, looking at at this time a friend’s eye can transfer the information to him / her trust and honesty.


5, the work to their partner to make a phone call, tell him / her in your home for his / her what to do; if this approach when the work is not convenient, the establishment of a private email accounts, these information as mail can be.

6, we want to make some non sexual scenes. Every morning with a cup of reeky Coffee or milk to wake him up, not better than a harsh alarm? In the evening ready for her hot water take a shower; two per week with friends to a special dinner outside; in to see a large popcorn when massaged her feet. The key is to keep. Long persist, these practices will become a secret language between you.

7, and he / she say the heart of his fantasies. If you see her husband in the back yard pulling stumps, bean big sweat running down his muscular back, please tell him that you saw the scene just weak hind legs. If you see a wife in translucent pajamas out from the bathroom, please tell her when you have caught >

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