Provoke a woman sexually touch method

flirting can be a few seconds (a full of silently conveyed tenderness eyes), can also be a few weeks, months of sparkling discourse. Through language (sometimes even without language) to make each other Fuxiang Pina, wave ripples, sexual gratification, to the satisfaction of all the. So, as long as you can grasp the sense of propriety, and how can’t create warm and intoxicating atmosphere?


long flirt

if your character a bit cowardly, cannot be confident in social situations, then the "long-term" flirting for you is more appropriate, that is to say, to a "romantic" stranger remotely, flashed out a sigh. Sometimes you will encounter this kind of "long-term" flirt. The most basic type is, someone for you cry out: "Oh, be unequaled in beauty". This man away from you for a short distance, so that you do not feel offended, just feel very interesting, truck drivers on this practice this way. "Long term" flirting is very common, because it does not need a lot of courage, the risk coefficient is very small. When flirting not rude, your goal is to make others open smile, not perhaps, also do not think this kind of practice for men, now lady than before, can often take this bolt action. When one day, he jogs in the park, but a lady driver motor or pickup truck sped past, blunt he shouted: "Hey, young man!" The car roared past, came the laughter, he will feel angry? No, the heart thus elatedly all day.

recently had a research data shows that men think will flirt with women than not flirt with women more attractive, so bold a bit, just make sure you do not give others a bad impression on the line. In addition, "long-term" flirting timing is to select the appropriate (for example, two in the morning, in the city a is not to walk, this is inappropriate).

2 advanced flirting

if you are not satisfied with the "long-term" flirting, and wanted to make a more lasting exchange, can consider the following flirting skills:

Effect of


object should be directly is compliment each other, and don’t boast of an item. If you say: "I like your tie." It will make the man feel confused, don’t know you like the tie, or is he the man, so you should say: "you wear that tie quite cool, it makes your eyes look more clear."

3 shows all ears look like

nodded praised each other from time to time, after that, you think about that for a second to quickly answer. Because, as you may have noticed, in one-on-one situations, the more you wondering what to say, the more you will lose presence of mind, be Agape and tongue-tied, conversation if there is such a conversation, get to the topic you have talked about, not rushed to start a new topic, go over the matter of discussion before that you talk in just listen, very interested in, so as to ensure the conversation can continue, you don’t always have to search the intestinal scraping >

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