Pull plug decisive climax frequency and depth

            the study found that, whether the and men climax Choucha about times and depths. That is to say, when a man genital insert is shallow, degree of sexual excitement two people is relatively weak, the sexual pleasure level is low, whereas the enhancement; pumping of insertion times and

            pulling and inserting depth decisive climax

pumping effect of inserted depth of the female orgasm does exist, when the in male genital insert more deep, the woman will obviously feel the glans penis and of uterine mouth contact sexy impulse, make women produce different from Y pedicle friction pleasure. That is to say a man inserted into deeper, more easy woman orgasm.

if a man genital length properly, can be just a slight touch of uterine mouth the words, " sex occasionally rub lightly uterine mouth, can give women bring extremely comfortable feeling. If a man genital too long, for a woman is a nightmare, because long genital stabbed female uterus cases are not uncommon. In the final analysis, as long as women feel comfortable on the line, the key is not inserted into the deep, both sides need not be the pursuit of insertion depth.

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