Pumping depth and frequency of sex to adjust

core tip: get both sides of male and female sexual pleasure, except sex duration of this factor, but also have a great relationship with the man vaginal in unit time contact more opportunities, which can make the central get more information in a unit of time.

the penis: the main function is to urinate, semen and Pai
is the main organ of sexual intercourse, sexual behavior, the penis skin is extremely thin, no fat under the skin, with the activity and the extension, penile cavernous sinusoids can attach into the blood.

the vagina: the vagina is connected with external genital organs andA cylindrical
of the uterine muscle pipeline shut, discharge, sexual organs and menstrual women of fetal delivery channel. Vaginal length of approximately 10 cm wide, the upper end, and forms an annular groove around the uterine neck, known as the vaginal fornix.

when the penis pumping depth is deep,
women will clearly feel the glans and the mouth of the uterus exposure
sexy impulse, can make the women have a completely different from the clitoris friction pleasure. When the penis pumping frequency is low, the penis pumping with shallow degree of sexual excitement, both sides is weaker, the sexual pleasure level corresponding lower.

according to foreign information reported, the penis pumping frequency generally ranged from 1 to 2 times per second. When the penis pumping frequency more than 2 times per second, can be seen as a high frequency of pumping. High frequency pumping time, the general can only maintain about 2 minutes.

when the pumping frequency several seconds one time, for the low frequency pumping. Low frequency pumping is used to inhibit"

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