R & D 6 arouse woman orgasm patch

if there is a reasonable explanation, that is why in ooxx women cannot arise in the process of continuous high tide (although they have multiple orgasms)? Can we find a pill, patch, ointment or whatever it is, can help women with male in the climax comes time more synchronization and coherence?

although the answer is: nobody knows. However, no one can stop scientific ambition, through experimentation, people can find some more effective drugs to the revision of women, of course, this is not just to meet the men that shameless desire, it also can let a female yourself to get more pleasure. To have a look the following 6 methods, it can make you feel terrible, or itch for a try?


embedded chip. The doctor will be named the Orgasmatron chip implanted into female spine. The chip aims to improve female


A new drug

in 2007, and until now has not obtained the approval of the drug, of course, also in the unceasing study.

BioSante company said the LibiGel phase III clinical study an additional security research has obtained the positive results, this study examines the product of cardiovascular and breast cancer safety, independent data monitoring committee said can not modify research plans to continue to study phase III.

this product is a transdermal

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