Read the language enjoy sex

1, a man through love vent

men usually "don’t cry", often through sex life to vent the fear, pain, pessimistic mood, when they were painful, love is the only way to make them feel comfort and safety.

but his wife may complain that they are only available for the husband vent tool, because her husband while your body relax, spiritual and psychological tension is not eased, the wife will not get a husband more caress.

so when you find your husband in the depression when active close to you, you should try to make him believe, he can talk to you all, tell him you want to hug him, and then asked him what makes him so anxious, so that you will feel more intimate with, the ensuing sexual life will be too wonderful for words.

2, men don’t like to be treated as a child

if you always take the husband as a child, he will take you as a "mother", when you as he was finishing the clothing and repeatedly reminded him to do, he could not make a romantic thing to you, you are probably just as a son of gratitude, women tend to focus on the needs of others, but ignore their own needs, start, men also like being taken care of, but a woman is more close to the role of the mother, her husband is more difficult to use sex way to treat her.

when your husband ask you where are his keys, you have to force yourself to answer "don’t know", let him go, don’t pack up his things, put forward the suggestion of what not to wear his, want to regard him as a capable person, that you fully trust him, maybe at the beginning, your life will some confusion, but soon he will understand everything you do, will have a new understanding of you.

3 more to sex, men

woman to love, while men pay more attention to sex, want to hold the husband’s heart, to keep your lasting charm, can often through

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