Reading the wedding night absolute privacy data

Soon sleep

30% couple in the wedding night of happiness.

25% couple life in the wedding night.

16% couples have fantastic sex in the wedding night.

97% couples in wedding night before having sex.

3% couples in wedding night between each other before without sexual life.


14% women worry about looking perfect.

36% women very happy second days in the morning when you wake up, wedding unnecessary and overelaborate formalities is finally over, two people started the honeymoon life whispers of love.

Women with

23% at first thought to be bound in the marriage.

19% female sexy to still be tired out, hope to be able to sleep for the last week.

in addition, there are 26% of the newlyweds said, that night not ready to contraceptive sets, had to think of a way to,

good mess!

the following is a few "come" and Habla Mi Corazon, if you are still single, so these will later to you experience help; if you have entered the siege, so I think can arouse your inner relate to ~

"when I got married, Chinese common ideas are very conservative. Unlike today’s young people, a lot of people have had sex before marriage is experience, I was very nervous, always worried about the poor performance, thought as long as he is happy with the line. The wedding night for me too mysterious, that we share with his parents, and hot summer, take care all the more so, not out of any voice. I remember our bed spread a mat, a few days later, was that we break, for this, I am embarrassed." — a newspaper reporter Ms. Zhang

"to tell the truth, I don’t know what is our wedding night, at that time, the end of the wedding, he drank too much, I took him back. After coming back, he fell down to sleep, I think I didn’t href= "

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