Real high realm let her come three times in ejaculation

in women is usually not easy to adjust their breathing, will feel out of breath soon as love, that women to experience shortness of breath to the male < /u> said he had reached the . Men after a certain amount of training will be free breath control, in addition to violently piston movement, to encourage women to ejaculation emergency control myself, this technique is male patent. Through the regulation of male of respiration to extend the sex time, this is the ancients says "immortal method", is the highest realm of sex, the essentials for "don’t pull out after three", but this is not meant to be three times ejaculation.

first, the erection of the to reach the fully wet penis vaginal , must be careful to use skills, after inserting the male not only consider their own pleasure, but should be seen women respond and move, is the best policy. At this time, men learn to adjust the breath is the key to success. Because of this they can induce the female orgasm repeatedly, otherwise once the male ejaculation, sex will end this situation, it is the male skills. With ejaculation, the penis is softened, but at this time of the twitch will give women the

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