Real knowledge quiz

NO.1 a woman’s sexual jealousy than men strong

wrong. Men and women are equally jealous, but for a different reason. A man’s jealousy because of suspected infidelity caused women’s jealousy, as is her husband and another woman falls in love. When a man is not sure whether he Is it right? His father, he will to heart; and women are most concerned about the investment to guarantee the man she and her child, if women catch men pay for the family time and care less, she will become more and more uneasy. Out of jealousy, a man will feel angry, anger, and even throw away the marriage leaving, while a woman will try to influence her husband, to bring him back to the orbit of marriage.

NO.2 men’s sexual fantasies than women

on the. The study found that men’s sexual fantasies, usually at least two times the woman, but there is an essential difference between male and female sexual fantasies: man is easy to fall into the physical act of naked. A woman full of romantic love daydreaming, fantasy woman perhaps two people to set sail in the evening sun, sipping a cocktail, and then in a pretty cottage meaning hazy love drunk. There is no doubt, sexual fantasies that women and men love more strong. And there are signs of sexual fantasies, rich woman and the times are not sex more than others, but to get more pleasure from sex.

NO.3 a woman can oneself to achieve

run by sexual fantasy

on the. According to the " nofollow " " female author Gina? Report oakton, in a survey of sexual desire were higher in female, 64% can in no physical contact conditions complete with sexual fantasy to reach

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